New Remix for Guerilljah Productions

We’re happy to feature on Longfingah & Hardy Digital’s remix album called „Urban Mystic 45 & Remixes“ released on October 31st by Guerilljah Productions. Many different producers and a great variety of remixes of two outstanding tunes. More fire – everytime, seen!


Transform Riddim

Here we go with another great riddimtrack produced by chief rocka
Icky Top. Super simple and still sounding ruff and tuff, yet a bit melancholic – feels like you walk alone trough the city at 3 o’clock in the morning!

If you are a singer or a DJ and use our instrumental/version to do a
dubplate or a wicked new tune, if you sample it – as a whole or in parts –
please send us a copy of the  the final track. To keep it simple:
We share, you share!


Three the High Way – Vol. 1

Top Smile Records proudly presents the first full lenght album from High Smile HiFi. The longplayer consists of tunes that have previously only been released on 7 inch vinyl and we’ve added some new songs and riddims to spice up THREE THE HIGH WAY – Vol. 1. The album will be released on May 30. 2016 on all major digital plattforms.


Buy/stream the full length album at the service of your choice:
Bandcamp, Reggae Record, iTunes, Amazon, Juno, Google Play, Deezer, Spotify

2 x 7″ Vinyl in Stores April 2016

Top Smile Records and strike again with the fourth batch of two 7 inch vinyls from High Smile Hifi featuring Derrick Parker, Little Jordee & S’Kaya.

For more info visit our Vinyl releases page.


Victory Rock Remixes by King Toppa Music

New Remix LP called „VICTORY ROCK REMIXES“ by King Toppa Music out now !! Check out our 2 Remixes featuring Gento Jamal & SK Simeon and download the full lenght Album here. Blessed love to all the artists and crews involved. A Special request by popular demand to the Irie Ites crew, thanks for having us on board !!


High Smile HiFi in the Mix

Pappa Irie recently went trough his record collection and added some spicy specials and dubplates. The result is a 1 hour guest-mix for our friends from the JAMAICAN BASS MOVEMENT. Thanks to Titan Sound for providing such great opportunities to spread our music.


Click on the picture above to read the full interview and check out the tunes and dubplates featured in the mix. One Love!

Little Harry – Fear Nobody Dubplate

The youngest veteran transformed his former Skengdon hit ‚Anorexal Body‘ into a classic dubplate inna killing stylee! „We no fear no body body, body body…“

little_harry_fear nobody_web

Super Smile Vinyl Mix Vol. 3


Selected by Pappa Irie

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01 – General Jah Mikey – 85 Style – Mozziyah 7″
02 – Shanti Dixon & Jerry Boxter – Skanking – Shan-J 7″
03 – Trevor Junior – People are changing –  Cubiculo 12″
04 – Three Dimension – Roadblock – Nubian LP
05 – Echo Minott – Fire ago burn – Bent Backs 12″
06 – Englishman    – Dub Plate – Mighty Roots LP
07 – Ray I – Rougher Dan Dem – Crystal 7″
08 – Deemas J – Jump Move Rock – Try Thoughts 7″
09 – Mr. Williamz – Sit Dung Steady – Jahtari EP
10 – Beshara – You Are Everything – World Time Music 12″
11 – Englishman – Gold Mine – Mighty Roots LP
12 – Devon Clarke – Hangin in deh – Bent Backs 12″
13 – Mr. Palmer    – See Ninja deh – Sweet Corn 12″
14 – Peter Metro – Ribibibung Skeng – Witty 12″
15 – Junior Demus – Bull talk walk – Rock Star 12″
16 – Jah Screechy – Think me did gone – Tortuga 7″
17 – Junior Roy – Tuff like we – Maffi EP
18 – The Banker – Boopsie – Ayeola 7″
19 – Daddy Colonel – Lyric Bantan – Greenslee ves 12″
20 – Earl Anthony – Sensi Man Rock – Look to Africa 7″
21 – Don Camillo – Champion Juggler – Brigante EP
22 – Tony Tuff – Walk and talk – Music Master LP
23 – Roman Stewart & Angel Hoyte – Rice’n’Peas – Libra 12″
24 – Dennis Creary – Gehtto Life – Music Works 7″
25 – Sugar Minott – Harder than the rest – World Enterprise 12″
26 – Brother Dee – Wagga Wagga – Abengg International 7″
27 – Asher Senator – Asher Senator – Maffi EP
28 – Tonto Irie – Car Man Style – Witty 12″
29 – Oral John – Me no wah no bun – Cottontail 7″
30 – Courtney Meldoy – Ready for the world – World Enterprise LP
31 – King Kong – Digital We Digital – Black Solidarity LP
32 – D.J. Trebor – Gone Clear – Smoker 12″
33 – Milo – Woman mek you wine so – Rooney LP

George Palma – Ready Fi Dem

Wicked new dubplate from the man called George Palmer straight outta Basque Country. The version is called „Them Riddim“. Enjoy the vibes!

george palma_Blog

3 x 7 Inch Vinyl in Stores May 2015

Top Smile Records and strike again with the third batch of three 7 inch vinyls from High Smile Hifi.

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Social Sounds from Planet Dub (#charity)

The project is called: Social Sounds from Planet Dub. 100% of the revenues will be used to support refugee children in Jena, Germany. The aim is to support children with non-german background in their development of Language-, Media- and Social skills. The compilation contains 18 tracks by international reggae & dub artists including the track ‚Social Rub A Dub‘ by High Smile HiFi feat. Capra Dread.


Support the charity project in Jena/Germany by buying the whole album at basscomesaveme directly.

Little Harry – No Friend A Dem (Official Video)

Here comes the ‚Youngest Veteran‘ with his brand new track called ‚No Friend A Dem‘. The entire video was filmed in Jamaica. Tune and version will soon come on 7″ vinyl on Top Smile Records!

Peter Youthman – Tell Me Why

Sweet like sugar, hot like spice! Peetah Youth riding our ‚My Sound‘ riddim inna sweet 80’s style & fashion. Enjoy !!


3 x 7 Inch Vinyl in Stores November 2014

Top Smile Records and are back with the second batch of three 7 inch vinyls from High Smile Hifi.

For more info visit our releases page.




mixed by Selecta Kebilli

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01 – High Smile Hifi – Style 85 Riddim
02 – Tenna Star – HighSmile Special
03 – Sammy Gold – Another Drive-by Shooting
04 – Digikal Youth – Hard Copy
05 – High Smile Hifi – Secco Riddim
06 – Dready C – Wir mochns rennad – availabe at Sensipowa Music
07 – High Smile Hifi feat. Ras Negus I – Seeking A Way Out (available on 7″ – TSR005)
08 – High Smile Hifi feat. Tenna Star – Be Smart (available on 7″ – TSR004)
09 – High Smile Hifi feat. Tenna Star – Be Smart Remix (available on 7″ – TSR004)
10 – High Smile Hifi – Hang Ten Riddim
11 – General Levy – Stamina Sound Dubplate
12 – Junior Roy – Wicked and Wild Dubplate
13 – Junior Cat – Raggamuffin Dubplate
14 – Peter Youthmann – Tell Me Why Dubplate
15 – High Smile Hifi – Shineeyegal Riddim
16 – High Smile Hifi – Dilly Dally Version (available on 7″ – TSR003)
17 – High Smile Hifi feat. Speng Bond – Dilly Dally (available on 7″ – TSR003)
18 – Skarra Mucci – HighSmile Special
19 – High Smile Hifi – 8bit Styler Riddim
20 – High Smile Hifi – 8bit Tucker Riddim
21 – High Smile Hifi – My Story Version (available on 7″ – TSR002)
22 – High Smile Hifi feat. S’Kaya – My Story (available on 7″ – TSR002)
23 – High Smile Hifi – Hard Life Version (available on 7″ – TSR006)
24 – High Smile Hifi feat. Little Harry – Hard Life (available on 7″ – TSR006)
25 – S’Kaya – Righteous Vibes Dubplate
26 – High Smile Hifi – Drop Riddim
27 – Likkle Ferguson – Riddimatic Dubplate
28 – Derrick Parker – Signs Of The Time Dubplate
29 – High Smile Hifi – Dreadhit 1 Riddim
30 – High Smile Hifi – Dreadhit 2 Riddim

DIGIKAL YOUTH meets High Smile Hifi – Hard Copy

Lyrics written and performed by Isaac (Tuli Ranks) Tuli. Lyrics engineered and mixed by Sean Kim at Maui Wave Studios (Maui). Respect to the Mighty Sean Kim for his time and dedication on this tune more love!!!
Trap Riddim produced by High Smile HiFi.

Tulli bloghawaii

Likkle Ferguson – Riddimatic Dubplate

Wicked new dubplate featuring di man called Likkle Ferguson, straight outta di KPC’s/King HiFi Family from Lyon, France.
Icky Top on di version called: ‚Them‘ Riddim. Enjoy!

ferguson riddimatic_Blog

2 x 7 Inch Vinyl in Stores Now

Top Smile Records proudly presents the first 2 x 7 inch vinyl featuring French singer S’Kaya and UK based veteran deejay Speng Bond.

For more info visit our releases page.


Duttygyal Riddim

It’s been alomst a year since we shared our last single
riddim. After so many dubplates, we felt it’s time for
a new dancehall version prod. by Icky Top. Enjoy!

We call it: Duttygyal Riddim (175 bpm)

If you are a singer or a DJ and use our instrumental/version
to do a dubplate or a wicked new tune, if you sample it –
as a whole or in parts – please send us a copy of the
the final track. To keep it simple: We share, you share!

Upcoming vinyl release

High Smile Hifi goes vinyl – Top Smile Records proudly present:

TSR002: High Smile Hifi feat. S’Kaya – „My Story“
TSR003: High Smile Hifi feat. Speng Bond – „Dilly Dally“

The testpressings have arrived and the records are soon going to be pressed. Stay tuned!

Derrick Parker – Signs of the time Dubplate

D.P. back pon di street again! Our wingman down in Jamaica
found him hiding out in the countrside before recording this
wicked dubplate for us. He rides our flashback riddim inna
wicked ’89 style. Enjoy!!

Supa Bassie – Ready We Ready Dubplate

From Spain to Switzerland, and back!
On this very special dub from our dubbox, we feature
Valencia’s finest deejay Supa Bassie pon our tropic riddim.
Hope y’all like it ruff!!

Junior Roy – Rule the Nation Dubplate

This one goes out to all fans and followers.
Many thanks for your big support through 2013!!
Our best wishes for the year-end…!!

This dub is on our dth row riddim, available
as free download here: Highsmilehifi – Dthrow Riddim

Tristan Palma – HighSmile Special

Another special dub from our vaults,
we feature Mr. Joker Smoker aka Tristan Palmer
on our corner riddim. Introduced by the original
Little Harry himself. Enjoy!!