Official Champion Sound

** Upcoming vinyl release **

High Smile Hifi goes vinyl – Top Smile Records proudly present:

TSR002: High Smile Hifi feat. S’Kaya – “My Story”
TSR003: High Smile Hifi feat. Speng Bond – “Dilly Dally”

The testpressings have arrived and the records are soon going to be pressed. Stay tuned!


** Derrick Parker – Signs of the time Dubplate **

D.P. back pon di street again! Our wingman down in Jamaica
found him hiding out in the countrside before recording this
wicked dubplate for us. He rides our flashback riddim inna
wicked ’89 style. Enjoy!!



** Supa Bassie – Ready We Ready Dubplate **

From Spain to Switzerland, and back!
On this very special dub from our dubbox, we feature
Valencia’s finest deejay Supa Bassie pon our tropic riddim.
Hope y’all like it ruff!!



Junior Roy – Rule the Nation – The ReFix **

To start 2014… here’s our
Junior Roy – Rule the Nation ReFix on our
gunmachine riddim!

A happy 2014 to each and everyone!!


** Junior Roy – Rule the Nation Dubplate **

This one goes out to all fans and followers.
Many thanks for your big support through 2013!!
Our best wishes for the year-end…!!

This dub is on our dth row riddim, available
as free download here: Highsmilehifi – Dthrow Riddim


** Junior Roy – Wicked and Wild – The Original **

This is the original recording of our ‘Wicked and Wild Dub’.
Junior Roy originally recorded this dub on our ‘HANG TEN’ riddim, almost a year ago. We also featured General Levy on the same riddim, so be sure you check both! ;-)

Merry Christmas to y’all !!!



** Tristan Palma – HighSmile Special **

Another special dub from our vaults,
we feature Mr. Joker Smoker aka Tristan Palmer
on our corner riddim. Introduced by the original
Little Harry himself. Enjoy!!



** Daddy Freddy – Body Lasher Dubplate **

We proudly present the worlds fastest deejay and
founder of Raggamuffin inna High Smile sound style!
Fast, massive, no mercy!!!


** Skarra Mucci – HighSmile Special **

Here we go with another BIG SOUND from our dubbox,
we feature SKARRA MUCCI aka The Lyrics Millionaire
on our rocket riddim! More Fire!!



** General Levy – Stamina Sound Dubplate **

On this special dubplate we feature The Incredible
General Levy himself pon our Hang Ten riddim! Boom!!


** S’Kaya – Eyes of Jah Dubplate **

Another boom sound from our dubbox, we feature
one of the most talented emerging artists outta France
S’KAYA on the digitaltreez riddim. booom faya!




HighSmile’s fundraising campaign for TENNA STAR vinyl album at

TENNA STAR, born in Kingston Jamaica, based in Birmingham/UK. He has been singing alongside artists like Red Dragon, Flourgon, Daddy Lizard, Sanchez, Buju Banton, Terry Ganzie, Courtney Melody, Mr. Vegas, Quench Aid and many others. We first only voiced one dubplate with Tenna, amazed by his powerful voice it was instantly clear to us that we wanted to continue working with him in the future.


the campaign runs from August 7 – September 16, 2013.

click the link below

Thank you so much! We ‘ll love you forever!!


** Super Black – Rambo We Rambo Dubplate **

Yet another big dub from our vaults, we feature
Jamaican veteran Super Black on our digitaltrees riddim.

“We raggamuffin and we jambo..”, hope you feelin’ this!